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Tips on Utilizing Dable Native Ad for Hospitals/Healthcare Advertisers

Dable Native Ad is a platform where hospital advertisers can effectively expand their contact with potential customers online. Why should hospital / healthcare advertisers choose Dable Native Ad?
Article(Content) recommendation area: Dable Native Ad is exposed in the same form as actual articles in the ‘Recommended Articles’ section. Users naturally encounter advertisements during the process of consuming Dable’s affiliated media contents, so hospital’s expertise, which is difficult to communicate through regular search ads, can be smoothly communicated to users as content.
Reasonable ad billing: You can start Dable Ad regardless of the size of ad budget. Ad exposure is free and you are charged only when the user has an interaction (click) with the ad.
Effective and convenient ad operation: Dable’s algorithm learns and automatically optimizes campaign performance. You can also start and stop the campaign at any time.
Geotargeting by city/county/district: When customers in our neighborhood spend time consuming content online, you can deliver messages to them day and night.
How can hospital / healthcare advertisers utilize Dable Native Ad? Customers follow these stages before finally choosing a hospital: [Awareness] – [Consideration] – [Conversion (Visit)]. Here are some helpful tips on how you can use Dable Native Ad for customers at each stage.

1. Set your campaign objective.

Set the goals you want to achieve through advertising. In order to encourage the customers to move on from their current stage to the next stage, you can set the following objectives.
Awareness – Increase awareness: The objective is to inform the hospital to customers who are not aware of the hospital yet. It’s like putting up the hospital sign online. Customers see the ad or click on the ad and reach the landing page that is linked to the ad to get to know more about the hospital.
Consideration – Increase website traffic: Customers who feel the need for medical care are in the stage of exploring hospitals and the objective is to remind potential customers to choose our hospital by encouraging them to visit the hospital’s website, blog, etc.
Conversion – Collect cusotmer leads: The objective is to collect leads for consultation from customers who are ready to complete the consideration phase and choose a hospital. Request information from customers who click on the ad and visit the landing page. The hospital contacts the customer with the collected information and schedules the consultation appointment.
You can have more than 1 objective at once. You are able to run multi-objective campaigns at the same time.
As it is directly related to health, customers choose the hospital very carefully with sufficient information and time. Even if there is no immediate conversion through advertising, awareness and consideration-stage campaigns are important.

2. Create a campaign and content to achieve your objectives.

Upload content and create a campaign with Dable Marketing Dashboard.
Dable Marketing Dashboard is a platform to create and manage Dable ad campaigns. You need an advertiser account to access the Marketing Dashboard. If you don’t have an ad account yet, please refer to the support page and create an account.

What is a campaign?

Campaign is a group that binds content together. You can set the budget, campaign period, budget distribution option and targeting by campaign.
Find out more about creating a new campaign
① Upload at least 2 contents per campaign.
Until you actually run the campaign, you can’t be sure what kind of responses each content will bring about from the customers. Upload at least two contents to increase the probability of leading a positive response from the customers.
② Be careful not to duplicate campaigns with the same strategy.
A campaign is a unit of ad optimization. Duplicating campaigns create unnecessary competition within the same advertiser. For convenience, separate the campaigns and upload the corresponding content if the budget, campaign period and targeting are different.
Following are examples of campaigns and content.
Depending on the treatment
Normal treatment campaign: Bundang, looking for a cavity treatment?
Implant campaign: How to choose the right dental “implant”?
Depending on the target customer
Office worker targeting campaign: solution for straight neck syndrome
Student targeting campaign: Summer break, 3 secret tips to get pretty
Depending on the seasonal issue
Chuseok campaign: 000 surgery during chuseok, is it possible?
Depending on the device
Desktop campaign, mobile campaign
③ If it’s a region-based hospital, set up geo targeting.
Select the area where the hospital is located and if possible, also the surrounding neighborhoods. Ad exposure may significantly decrease when setting up geo targeting. If you increase your CPC, you are more likely to get more opportunities for exposure.
If you include the ‘region name’ in the ad title without setting up geo targeting, patients who are able to visit the area where the hospital is located are more likely to click on the ad with nationwide exposure.

What is a content?

Content is an ad creative displayed alongside real-time recommended articles on ad spaces designated for personalized ads on Dable’s partner sites. Before you create a campaign, you must upload a content. Once you upload a content, you can use the same content for multiple campaigns.
Find out more about creating a content.
Content consists of ad title, thumbnail image, ad description (optional) and leads to the linked landing page once the ad is clicked.
① Create a content that attracts customers' attention
Encourage customers to click on the ad by using fascinating copy and image. Provocative ad titles cause unnecessary ad spending with useless clicks and may result in high bounce rates. We recommend that you include all the important information at the beginning of the ad title since some parts of the title may be cut off depending on the ad space.
If you don’t have any images, you can choose from hundreds of images that available for free on the Dable Image Library.
What are some of the characteristics of a hospital / healthcare ad thumbnail image that grasps the customers’ attention? We analyzed the thumbnail images of hospital / healthcare ads that were exposed with Dable and images with the higest CTR had below keywords.
Person in the photo is far away
No text
Black background
Dable offers “Content Creation Service” for advertisers seeking for professional help (Paid service). Dable’s Content Professional creates thumbnail image and ad title based on abundant amount of campaign data and industrial trend analysis.
② Link a landing page that is associated with the advertisement
You can use the hospital’s homepage, blog or a web page created specifically for the ad and so on for the landing page. The landing page and the ad clicked by the customer must be relevant with one another.
Customer encounters ads while exploring content to consume on Dable’s affiliated media. Rather than connecting to the main homepage, cusotmers can more naturally consume the ad content if you connect the ad to a page containing content related to the advertisement.
Find out more about Article Type
Find out more about Mini Content
③ Create an environment to track the ad performance after the click
Dable provides transparent and detailed campaign performance data on the Performance Analysis page. By setting up the following methods, you can track customers who converted to the targeted behavior after clicking on the ad. By referring to the tracked performance data, you can run a more effective ad campaign. (i.e. Increasing CPC bidding on media with no conversion)
Install Dable conversion script : Install Dable conversion script on the page with the targeted behavior you want to track.
Find out more about installing conversion script
Utilize Dable Content : Creating a Dable content type page allows you to track conversions, such as collecting customer info or clicking external links, without installing a conversion script.
Find out more about understanding performance data

3. Operational tips by purpose

① Awareness – Increase awareness

Use the name of the hospital in the ad title so that the custome recognizes the hospital immediately when the ad is exposed.
Do you have back pains? Gangnam Dable Orthopedics
Build trust by providing professional information and emphasizing medical specialties.
Everything about pimples. Cause and solution?
Gangnam ladies’ secrets on getting rid of wrinkles
If your hospital deals with unfamiliar diseases, create a content that emphasizes the need for such medical care.
Information you must see if your child is growing up too fast or too slow
Key factor in determining a person’s first impression, “Bad breath”

② Consideration – Increase website traffic

Communicate the hospital’s expertise, promotions, latest updates of the disease and hospital to help customers make the decision when exploring different hospitals.
Recruiting participants for May implant discount event
Snoring is a disease. Finally covered with health insurance
If you have installed Dable conversion script to obtain page visitor information, you can target customers with the history of visiting the landing page and continue to interact with potential customers.
Find out more about remarketing
Number of exposures may not be sufficient when you set up remarketing. If you would like to increase the number of exposures, proceed with awareness-increasing campaign without setting up remarketing.

③ Visit (Conversion) – Collect cusotmer leads

Creating a content that only potential customers want to click on can reduce unnecessary ad spending. You can include ‘benefits’, ‘price’, ‘name of specific medical care’ in ad titles.
Apply for a $790 benefit exclusive for Seoul residents
If you were born before 1981, you can participate in presbyopia treatment
After a sufficient amount of persuasian, request for customer information on the landing page linked to the ad.
Find out more about creating an effective lead collection form
Pages with high conversion rate generally include the following :
Detailed description about the method, process, machines and treatment
Trustworthy reviews from real patients, past experiences of the doctor, features on TV shows and/or celebrity visits
Location and business hours of the hospital
Find out more about creating a lead collection form in ‘Article Type’
Find out more about creating a lead collection form in ‘Mini Conent Type’
If you have any questions regarding Dable Native Ad or ad operations, you can check ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section in our Support Page for help. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for on our Support Page, please contact us following the below steps or via email ( and we will support you as quickly as possible.
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