A Quick Start Guide to Using Dable Ad

Did you have a hard time getting started with Dable Ad? No need to be an advertising expert, even beginners can use Dable Native Ad with ease. Anyone with a registered business can run ads! Even without ad images, landing web pages, special ad contents, you can start Dable Ad regardless of the size of your ad budget.
Follow the guide below to create your first ad campaign. In a matter of minutes, you can start your own ad campaign and reach high-quality users of Dable’s network. If you need help during the campaign creation process, Dable ad team will support you at anytime.

Dable Native Ad at a Glance

Dable Native Ad’s contents are exposed in the same form as actual articles in the ‘Recommended Articles’ section. Users naturally encounter advertisements during the process of consuming Dable’s affiliated media contents, so promotional messages are delivered with significantly less rejection.
Powerful media network: Dable has partnered with more than 3,000 premium media across the world, including Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam and etc. In addition, it is linked with Google, Kakao and MSN Ad Exchange, which allows Dable ads to be exposed to billions of inventories as well as exposure on Google, Kakao and MSN ad space.
Effective and convenient ad operation: Just upload the contents and we’ll do the rest. Dable’s algorithm learns and automatically optimizes campaign performance. You can also start and stop the campaign at any time.
Reasonable billing: Ad exposure is free. You are charged only when the user has an interaction (click) with the ad.

Quick Start Guide

1. Create an ad account.

Create an ad account here. You need to submit a web page where the visitor lands after they click on the ad. If the landing web page is not ready yet, please submit a home page where all your products and services are laid out in one place.
Find out more about creating an advertiser account.

2. Log in to Marketing Dashboard.

All Dable Ad contents, including campaign management, performance reports and media insights, are accessible from the Dable Marketing Dashboard.
Find out more about the Marketing Dashboard.

3. Register your credit card payment information.

Register your credit card information in Marketing Dashboard – Billing – Credit Card Settings. If the ad spending reaches a certain amount, payment will be processed automatically and if you click the ‘Pay Now’ button, the amount spent so far will be charged immediately. If you don’t have access to the Credit Card Settings page, please check if your account is able to make a payment with a credit card.
Types of accounts that can be paid with credit card
We also provide payment methods other than credit cards.
Find out more about billing.

4. Upload content.

Contents are ad materials that are displayed along with real-time recommended articles in the personalized recommendation articles section of Dable’s affiliated media. In order to upload content, you need an ad image, ad title and a web page the visitor lands on after clicking on the ad.
Ad (ad image, ad title) that users click on and the web page linked with the ad must be organically related. Creating a better ad experience for users is beneficial to raising brand awareness and inducing targeted action, such as sign-up or purchase.
You don’t have an ad image?
Dable provides high-quality images that advertisers can use free of charge. You can search related keywords in the image library and see a wide variety of different images.
Create Content – ② Content Details – Image – Click ‘Look for the image you want in the Image Library’
We also provide ‘Content Creation Support’ service for advertisers seeking for professional help. This paid service is provided by Dable’s content specialist and content is created based on data from past campaigns, market insights and industrial trend analysis.
Find out more about Content Creation Support.
Is there no landing page to link the ad to?
Try using your homepage or product detail page.
Use the page where you’re selling your products and services online as the landing. Select ‘Outlink’ content type and enter the lanidng page URL to advertise.
Create a landing page to link the ad to with Dable Content.
Dable provides a tool for advertisers to easily create landing pages to link to after users click on the ads.
Rich media content : Use a variety of images, videos (HTML, YouTube) to thoroughly describe the advertising products and services.
Induce a variety of behavioral transitions : Lead users to the desired target behavior transition, such as visits to other pages, forms to collect customer information (Dable provides dashboard to view and manage collected leads), phone number that links to the dial-up screen (provided only in article types) and many more.
Dable Content Type
Article type
: As if you’re writing a blog post, anyone can easily create a landing page. Landing page is created with the site frame of Dable’s content curation.
Find out more about Article type.
Mini Content
: Without redirecting to an external site, page is exposed in a pop-up form within the media where the user is currently staying on when they click on the ad.
Find out more about Mini Content.
Create Dable content now.

5. Create a campaign.

A campaign is a unit of ad optimization. You can set and adjust the budget, campaign period, spending distribution option and targeting of a campaign.
Find out more about creating a campaign
Dable’s algorithm learns and automatically optimizes campaign performance.
There is no need to set up media or audience targeting. Dable’s excellent personalized recommendation algorithm learns the campaign and automatically publishes high-performing content to target groups and media that are most likely to be interested in the ad content.
Set the campaign budget.
You can adjust the budget or stop running the ads at any time. Maximum daily budget can be set from ₩10,000 and ads will stop running once the budget is exhausted.
Choose the budget distribution option.
Selecting ‘Standard Distribution’ consumes your budget faster. If the daily budget is reached, ads will stop running so if the ad needs to be exposed consistently throughout the campaign period, please select ‘Even Distribution’.
Be careful not to create multiple campaigns with the same objective.
This creates unnecessary competition within the same advertiser. You can upload multiple contents within the same campaign by selecting ‘Multi-Contents Campaign’ after clicking ‘Create Campaign’ or select the existing campaign and click ‘Add Content’.
Set the maximum CPC.
Maximum CPC is the maximum bid price that the advertiser is willing to pay everytime the user clicks on the ad. Advertiser is charged only when a user clicks on the ad and depending on vCPM, media and etc, various discounts are applied so the actual amount paid may be lower than the maximum CPC set. Rather than setting the maximum CPC high from the beginning, we recommend that you watch the performance and gradually adjust the CPC.
If your ad isn’t getting enough exposure, check the CPC and ad content’s competitiveness. Ads that will be exposed to the same ad space are determined through real-time competition. Various factors, such as the content response index and campaign’s maximum CPC, are used to determine which ad to expose. Increasing the CPC or registering content with a high response index within the budget is effective in securing more exposure opportunities. If you are curious about the average CPC in each industry, you can find it here.

6. Check the campaign performance.

Dable provides an ad performance report with tracked data. Significance of each data provided can be found here. Use performance reports to ensure that your ads are running efficiently and that they are achieving their goals and objectives. Also modify the advertising strategy, if necessary. Important indicators to check vary by campaign’s goal. Check here to see how you can measure the success of your campaign.
If you have any questions regarding Dable Native Ad or ad operations, you can check ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section in our Support Page for help. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for on our Support Page, please contact us following the below steps or via email ( and we will support you as quickly as possible.
If you don’t have a Dable account yet  Homepage – Contact Us
If you already have a Dable account  Marketing Dashboard – Help Center – Contact Us