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Tips on Utilizing Dable Native Ad for Education Advertisers

With COVID-19 causing a rapid rise of the new ‘zero contact’ world, education industry is also actively shifting the focus to online education and digital marketing. Why are more and more education advertisers choosing Dable Native Ad?
Powerful media network: Dable is Korea’s biggest media network that can successfully target both parents and students. With partnerships with more than 2,000 media companies, including general daily newspapers, economic journals and magazines, as well as APP and communities, Dable is Korea’s #1 content discovery platform that everyone in Korea comes across an average of 30 times a month.
Personalized article (content) recommendation section: Dable Native Ad is placed in the personalized article (content) recommendation section. Customers are exposed to ads in the process of finding new content to consume, so they pay more attention to the advertiser’s ad content as well. Spread the differentiating points and vivid educational reviews of your business through Dable.
Reasonable ad billing: You can start Dable Ad regardless of the size of your ad budget. Ad exposure is free. You are charged only when the user has an interaction (click) with the ad.
Effective and convenient ad operation: Just upload the content and we’ll do the rest. Dable’s algorithm learns and automatically optimizes campaign performance. You can also start and stop the campaign at any time.
Operational strategies, target audience differ depending on the services being provided by the business, especially in the education industry. Below tips are from past Dable Ad campaigns of education advertisers and they may help you get some new idea for your own ad campaign.

Schools/Institutions for Studying Abroad

Schools/Institutions for Studying Abroad mainly ran ad campaigns to collect customer leads for recruiting participants for consultations and to increase awareness among students and parents.
Use your social media channel as the landing page.Many educational institutions run various social media channels as a way to communicate with potential customers, introduce the business by posting information that the target audience may be interested in. You can further spread these social media content through Dable. For example, if you use “Top 3 tips for a college student” as the ad title and link a relevant content, it’s very likely that most of the people that click on the ad will be college students. You can expect branding effects as well as the promotion of social media channels to these newly acquired users.
Include community media if it’s a traffic-driven campaign.A big percentage of Dable’s affiliated community media users are in their 30s or younger. If you’re running a traffic campaign to target students, be sure to include community media where you can expose ads with a 2-30% discounted bidding price. This helps with lowering the overall CPC of the campaign and is also effective with increasing traffic.
Create a detailed customer lead collection form with Dable Content.If you want to collect customer leads for studying abroad/admissions counseling or recruiting participants for consultations, you can create a lead collection page using the tools provided by Dable for free. Collecting basic customer information in advance enables smooth consultation process.
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Preschool/Elementary education

Education for preschool/elementary school students includes education services using a learning device. Most ad campaigns were aimed at increasing awareness and attracting potential customers.
Please indicate the age group for using the service in the ad title.To help users know the target age group of the service, including keywords such as “4-5 years old”, “Kindergarten” in the ad title can prevent unnecessary ad spending.
Target parents by organizing a review content featuring actual customers.Try using an ad title like “User’s actual review” and relevant image for your ad. Within the same ad campaign, an image where a child is actually using the learning device (CTR: 0.15%) had a better response rate compared to the image that was not using the device (CTR: 0.08%). Delivering detailed reviews and success stories on the landing page can successfully persuade the parents to try using the service.
Add an alternative to the customer lead collection form, such as a telephone connection.Install a customer lead collection form on the landing page of Lead Collection campaign. In case some customers are reluctant to leave their personal information online, it’s a good idea to provide a secondary alternatives, such as telephone consultations. However, too many alternatives will distract the users so we recommend using two or less.
Dable Content – If you use Article Type for the connecting page, you can create a link that connects directly to call from your mobile phone.
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Middle/High school education

Educational institutions for middle and high school students mainly focused on customer lead collection campaigns for recruiting students for college consultations and regular classes.
Create a mobile-friendly landing page.Mobile campaigns generally showed high response rates compared to desktop for this industry.
Use specific ad title to make users aware of the content before clicking on it.For example, ad content that used the keyword “boarding academy” in the title had a higher response rate compared to the content without the keyword within the same campaign.
Offline-based academies/event-related campaigns should set up geo targeting.Alternatively, including the ‘region name’ in the ad title increases the likelihood of customers who are able to visit the specific area to click on the advertisement. Number of exposures may reduce when setting up geo targeting so increasing the CPC bidding can increase the chances of getting more exposure.
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Language Education

Language education consists of services such as basic foreign language learning and preparation for foreign language tests and campaign objectives were usually to increase awareness and memberships.
Expose your ads everywhere without restrictions on the media type and device.Ad performance between different devices and media types in the language education industry wasn’t too clear. Meet potential users throughout the Dable network. Subsequently, adjust the detailed exposure settings for each site if necessary.
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Famous models induce users to click on the ad.If you’re already working with a famous model or an influencer for marketing your service, try using images with people on the front page for Dable. Within the same campaign, content using famous models had a response rate 6% higher than average.
Reviews from students trigger conversion.Conversion rate for membership sign-up was 26% higher when the ad titile, image and the landing page included real reviews from students. Legitimate reviews of people who are similar to me increase the trustworthiness of the service.
Images with the following keywords had the highest CTR after conducting an analysis on thumbnail images of language education industry ads exposed through Dable. Check out the detailed analysis report here.
No text
Person and book
Indoor setting

Job/hobby and certificate test training for adults

Job/hobby and certificate test training for adults include services such as talent sharing platforms and online/offline certificate education services and campaign objectives were usually to increase the number of new members.
Avoid DA banner types with text in the image.Dable Native Ad is exposed with an image and title in the content (article) recommendation area. Images with text are typically not used as content (articles), so exposing such content can make the ad seem unnatural. In fact, response rate and conversion rate were three times higher for images without text compared to images with text within the same campaign.
Let the users know about the ‘Expected results from education’ and ‘Benefits of click on the ad’.Ad titles defining the expected results from receiving the education such as ‘Earn extra salary’, ‘How to work smarter’ and ‘Certificate to prepare for old age and to solve financial problems’ had a response rate twice as high than average. If there is an event giving out lecture textbooks for free, let the users know about the benefits of clicking on the ad by putting ‘Free textbooks’ in the ad title. Content that included ‘Free textbook’ in the title showed a conversion rate twice as high as the content without such keyword within the same campaign.
Include the target audience in the ad title.Prevent unnecessary ad spending by inputting keywords relevant to the target audience such as ‘College student’, ‘Stay-at-home mom’, ‘Office workers’.
You don’t need to create an image only for Dable Native Ad. Dable provides a high-quality image library for free exclusively for advertisers.
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Dable provides ‘Content Creation Service’ for advertisers seeking for professional help. Dable’s content professional produces thumbnail images and ad titles based on past campaign data and industry trend analysis for this paid service. If you already have a Dable account, you can apply immediately by clicking ‘Apply’.
Apply for Content Creation Service. This service is currently available in Korea only.
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