Dable AI Title Generator

What is the Dable AI Title Generator?

The ‘AI Ad Title Generator’ utilizes generative AI and analyzes Dable’s internal database to create appealing ad titles.
For advertisers who have register ad campaigns to Dable Native Ad’s platform, this service provides title recommends according to the performance of your previous campaigns. For new advertisers, the service recommends titles based on Dable’s internal data.
With this feature, users only need to type in several keywords and within a few seconds, various recommendations of ad titles will be generated.
Reminder: Titles generated by the AI Titles Generator may not comply with Dable’s content policy. Edit before using titles to accord with the policy.

Examples of Dable AI Title Generator

How to generate titles?

1. Access the ‘Content Management’ page

① Access the ‘Content’ page of the Dable Marketing Dashboard ② Click on the ‘Create Content’ banner at the top-right corner of the page ③ Select an approved ad content
 Check here for more information of creating content

2. Create content

① After completing content creation, click the tap of ‘Content Details’ to review details. ② Click on the ”AI-Powered Title Generator” banner.

3. Generate Titles

① Select title language to be generated. ② Type in keywords or a topic, then click the ‘Load’ button ③ The system then generate titles based on Dable’s database.
④ Users may enter 3 extra keywords to optimize the recommendations of ad titles. Separate each keyword with a “,” . ⑤ Click on ‘Get my recommended titles’ to start creating more title recommendations.

4. Review and Apply Generated Results

① Check the results of title recommendations ② Click ‘Copy all’ to copy title recommendations to a clipboard ③ Click ‘Additional generation’ to create more titles. (You may keep titles that generated originally if needed) ④ Edit before selecting a title ⑤ Selected title. After that, the system will apply it automatically to the ‘Content Details’ of the ‘Create Content’ page then close the window


Who owns the copyright of the results generated by Dable AI?

What data does Dable AI consist of?

What are the criteria for recommending ad titles?

Can I use the generated titles without any moderation?