Content Review Guideline

Set up ad contents

1. Check your account

You can only create ad contents that match the purpose of your account. 
A hair loss medicine ad in an account for diet foods will be disapproved.
A finance-related ad creative in an account for education services will be disapproved.

2. Enter Brand Name

You should provide the actual brand name in the Brand Name field.
The name should be visible in the landing page.
Brackets are not allowed in the Brand Name field.

3. Enter URL

Landing pages must work normally.
Landing pages must not have any provocative or sensual contents.
Landing pages must not have any content irrelevant with your ad. 
A landing page for cosmetics ad showing stock information is not allowed.
Article-type landing pages should also display contents that are relevant with the ad.
The details of ‘Personal Information Processing Policy’ must be confirmed on the landing page when you collect the user’s information (for Korea and Vietnam only).
Redirect url is not allowed. 
The url on the last landing page differs from the url registered url.
When using a shortened url
You must be able to go back to the previous page when you click on the Back button.
Landing pages that have any element to mislead the users to think the page as a real news article are not allowed.
Landing pages resembling the looks of other services are disallowed.
Pages that link to other sites by using ActiveX or any other programs are not allowed.
Landing pages must not have pop-ups or pop-unders that provide poor user experience.
For financial products or services (ex. loans, insurance, offshore investment advisory business, cryptocurrencies & etc), business registration info should be disclosed in the landing page.
Facebook pages cannot be used as a landing page. Some browsers and outdated versions may not load the landing page properly if you use Facebook page as a landing.
If the content of the landing page are changed, please be sure to request request for re-review.
After the reviewer’s final approval, if the content of the landing page is arbitrarily changed and it violates the guidelines, the account may be suspended without further notice.
Dable is not responsible for any problems caused by this.

Contents Details

1. Enter Ad Title

Length should be less than 28 characters. Recommended length is 20 characters including spaces. Ad exposure area may differ for each media. Text may be truncated depending on the length of the text. (Korean, Japanese, Chinese : 28 characters / English, Indonesian, Vietnamese : 56 characters)
If you need to classify each ad content, use ‘Ad Title (For Internal Use)’ field.
The content of the ad text you have registered should be checked within the landing page.
Exaggeration/overstatement is not allowed. 
Plagiarized/false ad contents are not allowed.
Provocative/sensual copies are not allowed.
Ad title should be different from the name of advertiser.
Ad text should finish in complete sentence or phrase.
Texts with punctuation/grammatical errors are not allowed.
Phrases that stimulate sexual imagination & meaning are not allowed.
Slangs and acronyms are not allowed.
Square and round brackets in ad title are not allowed, as ads can be misunderstood as news articles.  [Exclusive] [Special] [Trending]
Texts that explicitly ask users to click the ad are not allowed.  Click Now!
Special characters are not allowed.  ☆, , etc

2. Enter Ad Description (Optional)

Ad description is an optional field.
Length should be less than 70 characters.
(Korean, Japanese, Chinese : 70 characters / English, Indonesian : 140 characters)
The same guideline for Ad Title is applied.

3. Ad Image (Thumbnail image)

Dable provides 16:10 (default), 1:1, and 2:1 ratio thumbnail areas to help you expose more ads on various media and partner sites.
To simplify the ad image production process, we provide a function to crop the image into 3 different ratios during the first stage of image registration.

3-1. Image Requirements

Uploadable Image
Width: Minimum 600px ~ Maximum 2500px
Height: Minimum 400px ~ Maximum 2500px
File size and format: jpg, jpeg, png file under 2MB
Recommended ratio is 4:3 (Recommended size: 1600*1200px).
Please register the image in the recommended size in order to expose optimized ads to all ad inventories of Dable network.
While cropping the 4:3 ratio image into 3 ratios, image may appear broken or cut off.
Please follow the safe zone while creating the image so that the text or main object isn’t cropped.

3-2. Minimum and recommended size by ratio when registering a single image

Show All
Minimum Size
Recommended Size
1:1 Ratio
2:1 Ratio

3-3. Text Guideline

Text size must be at least 15% of the thumbnail image's vertical height.
eg) For a thumbnail image of 1600*1200px, text size must be at least 180px (15% of 1200px) for approval.
Please check the vertical height of the thumbnail image you wish to use for your advertisement and adjust the text size appropriately.

3-4. Common details

Images with texts only (no background) are not allowed.
The percentage of texts in the thumbnail image should be less than 50%.
Images with texts that have low relevance are not allowed.
Texts that look like subtitles are not allowed within thumbnails, as it can be misunderstood as a news article.
Images with margins or borders are not allowed.
Images that are hard to recognize are not allowed.
Images made by combining multiple images into one
Images made by geometrical images that are hard to recognize
Low quality Images with low resolutions are not allowed.
Mosaics or blurred images are not allowed.
Moving images (animated gif) are not allowed.
Images that are irrelevant with the advertised product are not allowed.
Images imitating a third party’s interface or platform are not allowed
Third party services include Instagram, Facebook, etc.
Images including texts or buttons that simply ask users to click the ad are not allowed.
Thumbnail images related to gambling industry
gambling, casinos, horse/bicycle/boat racing, etc
Image of celebrities, politicians & public figures used in product/service ads without the disclosure of an official model contract is not allowed as it can be regarded as guaranteeing or endorsing the quality of the product/service. Please attach the official contract for approval.
The entity providing the content shall ensure that the content conforms to Dable Native Ad Terms of Service and additional content policy and the entity providing the content shall be solely responsible for such content, except where Dable is responsible under the law.
Excessive exposure of certain body parts
Images focused on individual body parts are not allowed; there should be two or more body parts visible.
Sexually explicit ads
Ads that display violence, hatred, shock, and vulgarity
Deceptive ads

3-5. Register Ad Image (Thumbnail Image)

STEP 1 : Select an Image
Recommended size is 1600*1200px (4:3). You can also upload images for each ratio by using Single Upload.
If the image you uploaded is not in recommended size, it can be broken or cropped.
Image with texts is not recommended, as it can be cropped in some media.
STEP 2 : Edit Image
Check how your image is shown for each ratio, and adjust the focus of your thumbnail as you wish.
You can see how your image will be actually shown in an ad by looking at the ‘Preview’ window on the right side.
Elements that are outside the yellow box (i.e. safe zone) in the Preview window may be cropped on screens.
To prevent this from happening we recommend placing your texts, logos, and main objects within the safe zone.
[Note: Safe Zone Guide]
If any text or main object in your image has been cropped after ratio adjustment, you may single upload an image that has been created with safe zone in mind.
Images registered for 1:1 and 2:1 sizes must be identical to the 16:10 (default) image. (If the text is cut off or the thumbnail image is not suitable for use with the crop application, repositioning the text is possible as long as the image is identical to the 16:10 image.)
STEP 3 : Select Exposure
You can select exposure for each ratio – 16:10, 1:1, and 2:1.
We recommend turning on exposure for all ratios, as ad exposure may decrease if you turn off a given ratio.
16:10 ratio is a default setting and cannot be turned off.
If you have selected your thumbnail in Image Library, you will not be able to use the edit feature as the image will be automatically adjusted.
Your image may be disapproved if it does not comply with Dable’s Content Guideline (e.g. a body part is excessively or explicitly highlighted).
STEP 4 : Request Content Review
When all the details have been submitted, content will be reviewed by a designated content reviewer.

4. Content Policy Guide on Specific Products/Services

4-1 Financial products and services

Personal Investing (Virtual Currency, Investment Advisor (Non-certified), Investment Management, etc)
Personal Debt (P2P, Loan, Credit Information, etc)
Exaggerated statements and expressions are not allowed.
Exaggerated "earning" is not ok.
Guaranteeing a specific amount of money that can be earned is not ok
Using phrases such as "This stock will increase", "This stock is going to soar high" without disclosing the exact name of the stock
Approved with Restrictions
Content may be limited to be served on certain media depending on the publisher setting and may result in less exposure if it contains sensitive expressions and/or keywords listed below.
Using expressions and keywords such as "forecast", "predict", "correct", "accurate"
→ May mislead the user to think that using this financial service will 100% guarantee them to earn profit and make money
Failure to disclose the business registration/license information at the bottom of the landing page
→ Unable to prove the legitimacy of the business offering the product/service

If your ad seems inappropriate to be displayed in the recommended article area or can cause inconvenience to online users, your ad may be restricted.