Create New Campaign

What is a Campaign?

Campaign is a group of multiple ads (content). You can set an ad period, budget, bid price, budget spending options, targeting, etc. on a campaign level. We recommend adding at least 3 content that have similar goals and objectives in a campaign.
Before running ads on Dable, we recommend reading this article on how to run your campaign effectively. This article helps you maximize your performance in Dable ads.

Create a campaign

In the Campaign Management page, you can find everything related to campaigns. You can create or edit campaigns here.
To create a campaign, you must have at least 1 approved content.
As you move on to each stage, you will see various configurable options. Please note that changing minimum bid price and gender/interest/language/WiFi targeting options are available after creating a campaign.
For details on campaign management, click here.
Go to Campaign Management page.
All the created and active campaigns are listed.
Go to Create Campaign page.
See all options available for each setting stage

Create a new campaign

To create a new campaign, click the Create Campaign button.

1. Create a campaign

If you click the ‘Import Campaign’ button, you can import all the settings from an existing campaign.
Set Campaign Goals
Select one that closely matches your campaign’s goal.
Dable uses ‘Campaign Goal’ as a reference to provide better advertising services.
You can change your goals even after making your campaign.
Campaign Name
Campaign name is automatically created. Change the name of your campaign so you can easily find it in your account.
*Advanced Option
You can set re-exposure options and remarketing.
Re-exposure: You can set how many times an ad can be re-exposed to users who clicked on the ad. You can limit re-exposure to 1 day, 7 days and 30 days.
Remarketing: To use this option, you need to install Dable’s conversion script first. Remarketing shows ads based on the conversion action tracked by Dable’s conversion script.For details on remarketing, click here.

2. Set period/budget

Select budget spending options and limits.
Set campaign budget
Campaign Total Budget: Campaign will be allocated with a total budget, and will spend all of this budget (or allocated budget until you increase the limit).
Total budget should be bigger than the daily budget.
Total budget is only the ad spending limit and the ad budget is not spent evenly during the campaign period. If you want to evenly distribute the budget during the campaign period, please set a daily budget.
Daily Budget: Set maximum amount of budget to spend in a day. Minimum daily budget is more than 10,000 KRW.
Ad will stop running once the daily budget is depleted. It will resume on the next day. However, for real-time processing, a partial excess of 3% to 5% may occur.
Set campaign period
Set days of the week and times of the day to show your ads.
Set distribution options
Standard distribution: Choose this option if you need to spend your budget as fast as possible. May experience early budget depletion.
Even distribution: Budget will be evenly distributed throughout the set period.
*Advanced options
You can set Geo targeting and Balance alert.
Geo targeting: You can target several countries including Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan and Malaysia. For details on Geo targeting, click here.
Balance alert: If your balance goes below the threshold amount, you can get an alert by email.


I am using Even distribution in my campaign but it doesn’t work.

3. Select media

You can select which media or device to show your ads on.
If you are creating campaigns targeting only a specific device, you must select either desktop or mobile. Do not forget to add the link of each device correctly when using Outlink.
You can also exclude up to 100 media sites.
*Advanced Option
If you choose to expose ads to a specific media only (News, Magazine, Entertainment/Sports, Blog, Others, etc.), there will be 10% surcharge on CPC.
If you select sites manually, surcharge will be 20%.

4. Content

You can add content that has already been uploaded by clicking on the ‘+ Add Content’ button.
You will be unable to use contents using images from Dable’s Image Library with the ‘Image Permission Expired’ notice showing, or content where the language does not match the campaign setting.

5. Save

After all is set, click ‘Save’. You need to activate your campaign in order to show your ads.
If you want to activate your campaign right away, click ‘Yes’. If you click ‘No’, the campaign will be inactive until you click ‘Activate’ in the Campaign Management page.
Go to the Campaign Management page to see the campaigns you have created.
You can activate up to 20 campaigns at once.
Your campaign CPC will be automatically set considering the industry standards. You can change the CPC after setting up the campaign.
You can modify your campaign anytime, but CPC and gender/interest/language/WiFi targeting settings are only available after the campaign has been created.
For details on campaign management, click here.