How to Create an Effective Lead Collection Form

Creating an effective lead collection form

Set up custom questions with the Lead Form Template.
When using ‘Dable Content’ ad type (Article/Mini Contents), you can create customer lead collection window by configuring a simple form.
Create content for lead collection in Article Type
Create content for lead collection in Mini Content Type

How to create an effective lead collection form.

1. Summarize the value of your ad contents.

Tell users why they should share their information.
Clearly explain your brand and product and encourage users to share their feedback.

2. Set up custom questions

Click the ‘Add Custom Field’ button to add your own questions.
Identify what the users want, and provide them with appropriate questions and info.
Abandon rate falls when users see contents they want.

3. Do not put pressure users.

Don’t confuse the users with meaningless or excessive questions.
Try to add the most important and essential questions.

4. Make the users expect for your call.

Use the ‘Preferred Contact Time’ element under ‘Input Element Settings’.
Ask users when they want to be contacted so they can expect for your call. It will be helpful to secure customers who really want your service.

5. Be in the users’ shoes.

Preview the lead collection form to see if everything is ok.
Check if the image is not broken or product description is good.
If you collect leads in your campaign while targeting Korea, you must provide a URL that links to your Privacy Policy.