Smart Bidding

Smart Bidding

Smart Bidding refers to the bid strategies that place advertisement in the most likely to convert based on the conversion data from advertisers, and optimizes media based on your campaign's performance.
You can only select this function when your campaign goal is to generate conversions or app installments.

Smart Bidding vs Other media types options

Smart Bidding and other media exposure options (all media types, expose to certain media type, and manual selection) have different focuses in prioritizing your campaign optimization.
Smart bidding employs an algorithm that studies the best working placements for the advertisers’ products/services and exposes the ads to the media that is the most likely to have strong performance, with the data acquired from the advertisers. As a result, this bidding strategy aims to improve ad placements (media) to boost the chances of achieving conversions.
Other media exposure options learns from campaign performance and serves ads to users who are more likely to be interested in the ad-content based on their content consumption patterns. Since the machine learning needs a certain level of clicks to learn about your campaign, the longer it is live and the more data it has to learn from, the better for performance optimization.

Additional Notes

The following features are not available with Smart Bidding.
All media types
Expose to certain media types
Exclude specific media sites
Additional exposure for some media sites
CPC by media
Manual selection
If you have made any settings for detailed CPC settings, CPC by media, and media types, the campaign settings will be reset when you save select the Smart Bidding option. Please note that your existing settings will not be restored.
Smart Bidding might adjust bids to be 5~10% higher than your CPC settings, depending on the media sites.
Smart bidding takes up to two weeks to optimize fully. We advise keeping your Smart Bidding settings unchanged during this period.
If there aren't sufficient conversions in your account, the effectiveness of Smart Bidding could be compromised.
 Conversions are affected by various elements, including product/service, campaign period, creatives, and landing pages. Smart Bidding places your ads strategically for better conversion chances based on the conversion data but it doesn't guarantee conversion performance.
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