Billing and Tax invoice(Advertiser)

Billing and tax invoice

You can create content even if there is no money in your account. For details on content creation, click here.
Information in this guide may change depending on the country/region listed in your billing address. This article applies to Korea. For other countries/regions, please contact here for support.

Making a payment

You have two options to pay for your ads – bank transfer and credit card.
Bank transfer: You need to add money to your account first to serve ads. If it is your first time to make a payment, please note that there is a minimum payment of 1 million KRW (VAT exclusive). Once you make the payment, Dable will check the amount and add it to your account. There can be delays in this process if you added money during weekends or holidays. To see Dable’s business license and bankbook, please go to the Marketing dashboard and click ‘Payment History’ under ‘Billing’.
Credit card: You will pay for your ads after the ads have been served. You must meet certain requirements to be eligible for credit card payment. For details, click here.
① Unassigned Campaign Balance: Amount of budget that hasn’t been allocated to a campaign; ② Unused Promotion Balance: Amount of Promotion that hasn’t been allocated; ③ Amount Spent: Budget spent within the account.
Note: The promotion credits, once transferred to the advertiser's account cannot be transferred back to another advertiser's account and will be terminated after 90 days from the initially provided date regardless of the transfer date. Please take care of this when planning your campaigns.

Tax invoice

Tax invoices will not be issued for credit card payers. However, if you made a payment by bank transfer, we will issue a tax invoice as soon as we receive your payment by using the business registration data in your account.
To make a payment, you should have your business registration info ready in your account. To do so, please go to the Marketing dashboard and click ‘Settings’ – ‘Advertiser’s Business Registration Info’.


What is Invalid Click Adjustments?
I want to change my business registration info/tax invoice info.