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Dable will expose 3 different proportions of thumbnails, 16 : 10(default), 1 : 1, 2 : 1, through automatic image ratio scaling. When reviewing a content, we also check the image size. To provide perfect user experience and increase advertiser’s performance, it is crucial to use the correct image size/ratio.
To add an image, advertisers can either choose to create one by themselves or use Dable’s Image Library.
See more Image Library
If you select an image from ‘Image Library’, the optimal thumbnail for each ratio will be automatically exposed. Therefore, ‘Edit’ feature is not provided.
If you choose to add an image manually, upload a 4:3 ratio image (800px X 600px) and 3 images with different ratios will be automatically created. Or, you can manually upload images for each ratio.
Here are the steps to add an image:

1. Select Image

Drag and drop or click the image you wish to upload.
Recommended size: 1600px X 1200px (Ratio: 4:3)
Recommended image size(Minimum image size) for Single Upload
16:10 Ratio: 1200px X 750px (800px x 500px)
1:1 Ratio: 1200px X 1200px (500px x 500px)
2:1 Ratio: 1200px X 600px (800px x 400px)
File Size: 2MB or less , Formats: .jpg, .jpeg, .png
Image with texts is not recommended, as it can be cropped in some media.

2. Edit Image

Once you add an image with min. 800 * 600px (4:3) ratio, it can be cropped to 3 ratio types(16:10, 1:1, 2:1)  Check how the image is shown for each ratio and adjust as needed. If you need to upload an image manually, click 1:1 Image Single Upload and upload images for each ratio. All images should be identical.
The ‘Preview’ shown on the right shows you the live image of the advertisement. Elements that are outside the yellow inner rectangle in ‘Edit Image’ may be cropped on screens. We recommend you to texts and logos within the yellow inner rectangle.

3.Select Exposure

Advertisers may select desired advertisement exposure per ratio of 16 : 10(default), 1 : 1, 2 : 1. However, when you deactivate a certain ratio, the ad exposure may be decrease. Therefore, Dable recommends enabling thumbnail exposure of all ratios of 16 : 10(default), 1 : 1, 2: 1.

Register video (MP4)

Please contact your account manager ( for video ad content registration