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Titles introducing useful tips and tricks.
Tips to Make Your Makeup Last Overnight.
Simple Tips to Run Android Apps on Your Computer.
How to Wear Your Loafers with Comfort and Style.
‘Ranking list’ style titles (e.g. Top N)
3 Best Boyfriend Gifts for Valentine’s Day.
11 Most Interesting Jobs That Trigger Your Curiosity.
10 Don’ts When Staying in a Hotel.
4 Recommended Destinations for a One Day Trip.
'4 things' to try to earn 'money' for stock newbies
‘User review’ style titles (like a journal).
I renewed my living room to create an academic atmosphere.
Our family went to Zhangjiajie on our vacation.
My skin was perfect skin on a wedding day – I was shining brighter than the bride!
"The secret to increasing sales? It's all Dable!" said the CEO.
Dry and itchy skin every night? No need to scratch anymore!
Titles using seasonal expressions.
How to Be a Charming Boyfriend This Summer.
A Perfect Tip to Save Your Electricity Bills in Summer.
What Are the Seasonal Ingredients in March?
Titles using expressions that sound like informative contents.
Truth about card benefits that you’re missing out on
Secretly recorded conversation, how legal is it?
Sleeping hair follicles, hair loss is an SOS sign from my body
Secrets of mukbang influencers that don't gain any weight...
Titles using public figures.
000 Reveals Her Secret to After Birth Weight Loss.
000’s ‘How to Use a Spam Blocking App’
000's growth spurt from eating 'this' everyday...
Titles introducing fun and interactive contents.
Want to Know What Your Spouse Looks Like? Try This Psychological Test!
Will I Get Married in 202? Find out Your Ideal Type in 12 Questions!
Directly specify the target audience
How did this office worker end up in a size small from only home care?
Investment methods for newbies that can not be missed
‘California’ residents can get implants at a fraction of the cost.
Benefits for small business owners with monthly income of less than $10,000!

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