Prohibited and Restricted Categories

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Prohibited Products or Services

Commonly Prohibited Categories

Products or services aimed at adults
Adult services or contents, adult shows, adult communities, adult products, as well as thumbnails and landing pages with excessive exposure, explicit and obscene expressions
Gambling or betting
All kinds of gambling and betting are not allowed by default, but restrictions may vary by country/region for certain categories.
Prohibited: Gambling, horse racing, bicycle racing, motorboat racing, sports betting, mahjong, Korea’s online go-stop, online poker games, etc
Allowed with restrictions in specific regions/countries: Lotto, sports betting (Sports Toto), online casino games and online bingo without any monetary rewards (See below for more details)
Arms and ammunitions, explosives
All kinds of firearm: Firearm parts, ammunition (including paintball guns, bb guns) and related parts, etc.
All kinds of weapons, including self-defense devices: taser guns, defensive weapons, non-cooking knives, etc. Fireworks, explosives of all kinds, etc.
Any kind of content that introduces a gun brand or promotes branding
Illegal drugs, products and services
Illegal drugs, prescription and recreational drugs, psychoactive substances, equipment to faciliatate drug use; Counterfeit goods & Copyrighted contents (Sites, software, or toolbars that enable unauthorized streaming, sharing, copying, or downloading of copyrighted contents)
Products that are prohibited from being sold or distributed online
Not allowed
Inappropriate advertising
Advertisements that promote Militancy, Extremism, Racism, Hatred, Violence, Hostility between Countries and/or leverage fear and tragedy, encouraging drug(recreational) use and are Immoral are prohibited
Discriminatory practice
Content that promotes or promotes hatred, discrimination, or demeaning against a specific individual or group based on sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, and characteristics that may be subject to structural discrimination or alienation

Prohibited/Restricted Categories and Precautions by Country/Region

Please note that not all legal requirements of the countries listed below are included, and that advertisers are responsible for investigating and complying with local laws in the business operations and advertising areas. For all countries/regions, the above Common matters is the default.
Hong Kong
New Zealand