Post-Review Policy

Post-review Policy

In order to further enforce and better manage the Content Review Guideline, Dable has implemented a post-review policy applicable for all ad contents. This policy will not only create a satisfactory user experience, but also help publishers achieve brand trust and gain monetary benefits by ensuring the delivery of clean and safe ads.

1. What is a post-review policy?

Dable’s post-review policy mainly consists of inspection methods to ensure that the ad content being published through Dable’s media network upon approval is the same as the content at the time of content review.
Dable strictly forbids any and all changes to the content of the landing page after the reviewer’s final approval. If the content of the landing page is changed, it is the advertiser’s duty to request a re-review.
By enforcing this policy, Dable strives to protect itself along with tens and thousands of media partners, advertisers and users from any possible social and/or legal consequences that may occur as a result of a policy violation.

2. When and how is this policy enforced?

Both the advertiser and Dable have the responsibility to provide clean and safe ads to users and publishers 24/7, 365 days.
To ensure a fair inspection process, exact frequency of the inspection cannot be disclosed, but random inspections are performed regularly on all active ad contents.
So what will exactly happen once a violation has been detected?
Advertiser account and all active ad campaigns will be suspended immediately for an unspecified period of time
An email with details of the policy violation will be sent to the advertiser
Depending on the severity of the violation, advertiser account may be permanently disabled without a refund on the remaining ad budget.
Specifics of the consequences, such as the severity and duration of the punishment, are to be decided case-by-case. However, we can assure that immediate and firm actions will be taken against advertisers that knowingly violate the guideline since Dable already has a very specific and detailed Content Guideline readily available for all advertisers. Please also refer to the prohibited products or services list to see legal compliance requirements and precautions by country.

3. Lastly, why is this policy necessary?

As the No. 1 content discovery platform in Asia, Dable is putting in various efforts to set higher standards within the industry by delivering valuable content through high-quality ads.
Dable conducts preliminary screening of all contents to prevent the exposure of overly sensitive and inappropriate ads to users. However, there had been cases of advertisers making unauthorized modifications to the ad content after approval, which negatively impacted the users’ ad viewing experience as well as the reputation of the media.
Following this policy, Dable will conduct an additional screening to approved ads to check its compliance with Dable’s policy and to prevent advertisers from arbitrarily changing the content of the landing page.
Dable will continue to take active measures to ensure the delivery of safe and high-quality ads in the best interests of users, publishers and advertisers.
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