How to Run an Effective Campaign ②

How to Run Your Campaign Effectively ②

This document is following How to Run Your Campaign Effectively ①
Always keep your campaigns up to date. It is recommended to regularly check and manage your campaigns for efficiency.
If your campaign has run for some time, try optimizing it based on the performance. Optimization is performed in the following order: [Setting hypothesis] – [Execution] – [Verification] – [Improvement]. This optimization process should be endlessly performed, in order to achieve campaign goals.
Please read this article to learn more about A/B tests.
Below is an instruction to optimizing performance. Please read through the checklist provided for each frequently asked question

I want more traffic.

To increase traffic, your content should have more opportunity to be shown on various networks. Dable’s ad system considers numerous factors including audience interest, campaign’s bidding price and content quality to decide what ads to show. Check your settings on content, bidding price and campaign to see if it is appropriate for gaining enough impressions.
Things to check on your content
Isn’t your targeting too narrow? Isn’t your media selection too limited?
Adjust your CPC to increase ad’s priority and viewability

Conversion rate is low.

If you are not satisfied with conversion performance, check the following:
Is your conversion script correctly installed?
Is your landing page relevant with your ad content?
Optimize your media selection based on performance
Find the time your budget is depleted each day
Check if there is any obstacles to user actions

Make full use of various metrics and features provided in the Marketing Dashboard.

First Exposure Ratio and Frequency
Check Popular Content on Home tab
Having trouble with creating images? Image Library is here to help.
Creating a landing page is easy as 123 with Dable’s Editor features.
If you have any questions on ad management and performance, please reach out to Dable anytime. For faster support, please click the ‘Contact Us’ link under Help Center to send your account information to us.