How to Run an Effective Campaign ①

How to Run Your Campaign Effectively ①

To help those who are planning to create their campaign for the first time, we have outlined the following checklist. Before you actually create a campaign, we recommend you to review this checklist first so that you could come up with a successful and effective campaign.

General Checklist

Before starting a campaign, please read through the following list thoroughly as this checklist applies to all campaigns.
Create at least 3 contents per campaign
Refer to effective content examples recommended by Dable
Make sure your campaign has clear target and concept

Checklist per Campaign Goals

Each campaign should have a ‘goal,’ which is something you want to achieve from your campaign via Dable Media Network. Your campaign strategy will vary depending on your goals.
Increase brand awareness
Increase the number of landing page visits
For details on how to optimize your active campaign, please click here.
If you have any questions on ad management and performance, please reach out to Dable anytime. For faster support, please click the ‘Contact Us’ link under Help Center to send your account information to us.
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