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Ver.3 (2022.10)
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Register Ad Image (Thumbnail Image)

STEP 1 : Select an Image
Recommended size is 1600*1200px (4:3). You can also upload images for each ratio by using Single Upload.
If the image you uploaded is not in recommended size, it can be broken or cropped.
Image with texts is not recommended, as it can be cropped in some media.
STEP 2 : Edit Image
Check how your image is shown for each ratio, and adjust the focus of your thumbnail as you wish.
You can see how your image will be actually shown in an ad by looking at the ‘Preview’ window on the right side.
Elements that are outside the yellow box (i.e. safe zone) in the Preview window may be cropped on screens.
To prevent this from happening we recommend placing your texts, logos, and main objects within the safe zone.
STEP 3 : Select Exposure
You can select exposure for each ratio – 16:10, 1:1, and 2:1.
We recommend turning on exposure for all ratios, as ad exposure may decrease if you turn off a given ratio.
16:10 ratio is a default setting and cannot be turned off.
If you have selected your thumbnail in Image Library, you will not be able to use the edit feature as the image will be automatically adjusted.
Your image may be disapproved if it does not comply with Dable’s Content Guideline 
(e.g. a body part is excessively or explicitly highlighted).
STEP 4 : Request Content Review
When all the details have been submitted, content will be reviewed by a designated content reviewer.
If your ad seems inappropriate to be displayed in the recommended article area or can cause inconvenience to online users, your ad may be restricted.

Register video (MP4)

Please contact your account manager ( for video ad content registration