Brand Name and URL

Ver.3 (2022.10)
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Brand Name and URL

Enter Brand Name

You should provide the actual brand name in the Brand Name field.
The name should be visible in the landing page.
Brackets are not allowed in the Brand Name field.

Enter URL

Landing pages must work normally.
Landing pages must not have any provocative or sensual contents.
Landing pages must not have any content irrelevant with your ad. 
A landing page for cosmetics ad showing stock information is not allowed.
Article-type landing pages should also display contents that are relevant with the ad.
The details of ‘Personal Information Processing Policy’ must be confirmed on the landing page when you collect the user’s information (for Korea and Vietnam only).
Redirect url is not allowed. 
The url on the last landing page differs from the url registered url.
When using a shortened url
You must be able to go back to the previous page when you click on the Back button.
Landing pages that have any element to mislead the users to think the page as a real news article are not allowed.
Landing pages resembling the looks of other services are disallowed.
Pages that link to other sites by using ActiveX or any other programs are not allowed.
Landing pages must not have pop-ups or pop-unders that provide poor user experience.
For financial products or services (ex. loans, insurance, offshore investment advisory business, cryptocurrencies & etc), business registration info should be disclosed in the landing page.
Facebook pages cannot be used as a landing page. Some browsers and outdated versions may not load the landing page properly if you use Facebook page as a landing.
The KakaoTalk landing page may be restricted from advertising (for Korea only). Messaging apps such as Line, WhatsApp, WeChat, Zalo, etc., cannot be used as the first layer or sole landing page.

Check your account

You can only create ad contents that match the purpose of your account. 
A hair loss medicine ad in an account for diet foods will be disapproved.
A finance-related ad creative in an account for education services will be disapproved.
If the content of the landing page are changed, please be sure to request request for re-review.
After the reviewer’s final approval, if the content of the landing page is arbitrarily changed and it violates the guidelines, the account may be suspended without further notice.
Dable is not responsible for any problems caused by this.