Refund (agency)

Refund policies may vary by the country/region of your billing address. This article applies to Korea. For other countries/regions, please contact here for more support.
The remaining budget will be refunded after deducting a 5% cancellation fee. Please think carefully before requesting a refund.
Try reading a document on ad performance improvement. If you have any questions on ad management and performance, please contact us by going to the Marketing dashboard – ‘Help Center’– ‘Contact Us’.
To request a refund for an active campaign, you can do so after 6 hours of deactivation. Please provide us with your bank account number beforehand.

1. Fill out the Refund Request Form

Go to the Marketing dashboard > Refund and click the Refund Request Form.

2. Submit the form

Check if everything is correct: payment date, email address, requested refund amount and expected refund amount.
Note that promotional credit cannot be refunded.

3. Agree to final refund amount

Dable will review your refund request, it will take about 1 business day. You will receive the result via email or please go to ‘Refund’ – ‘Refund Details’ for the result. You can always cancel the request anytime before the review is completed. Once your request is approved, you should agree to the final refund amount.

4. Refund complete

Dable will process the refund after issuing an amended invoice on the refund amount. Refunds will be made on every 15th or the last day of a month for requests approved 2 business days before the refunding date. If the refunding date falls on weekends or holidays, it will be processed the next day.