A/B Test

A/B Test

A/B test is one of the perfect testing methods to see what your potential customers are responding at. In the Performance page, you can identify the best option among two or more different options. For example, with A/B test you can identify which image and ad text are most effective, and which media category or device shows the highest performance.

How to conduct an A/B Test

Select one parameter for your test. You must select only one parameter for one test.
Create one or two campaigns and make all the settings identical except for the parameter you wish to test. For example, if you wish to test the difference in performance between ‘news articles’ and ‘community sites,’ create two campaigns that have all the settings such as CPC, creatives, time, location, etc. identical but for media.
Run the campaigns for at least 3~7 days.
Analyze the results in the Performance page.
You can change budget or adjust campaign settings based on the results.
If you click on the Copy button, you can copy the settings of an existing campaign and modify as needed to create a new campaign. This feature helps you save time.

Test Parameters

You can use the following as parameters for the A/B test.
Ad title
Ad image (thumbnail)
Landing page
Media category